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I've worked as a Video Editor for Genr8 Digital Media over the last two years and in this role have developed my editing and professional media skills to a very high standard. I consider myself to be a highly competent editor with advanced skills in Final Cut Pro and an ongoing professional and personal interest in everything that the Media industry has to offer.

A large part of my role was to produce and edit 'Fresh Fash' for The Vine website and the 'Celebrity Headline News' series. These were fast and dynamic clips that were required to be produced regularly and within short time frames.

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> Experience with all formats

At Genr8 i was responsible for final delivery to clients, which required a vast knowledge of working codec's and the ability to work with clients to create unique codec's for their networks using Compressor or Episode by telestream.

> Customer Service

Whilst liaising with clients (a majority of these being overseas), a level of customer service was required that cut through language and time zone barriers to build successful working relationships.